Set Tables

Haviland Limoges France 1842

ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland 'Magnolia' Exhibition I

A breakfast illuminated by the beauty of the landscape, the beauty of quality and the beauty of harmony.

The various objects that we present to you have been chosen by us with careful attention; we have united and created harmony thinking of you, thinking of us, thinking with love of the objects and the various Brands that together have been displayed in this our Tuscan countryside.

It is in this spirit that we give you this preparation and these pictures so that we too can make with our friends and relatives pleasant Breakfasts, to give a good start to the day.


ART OF THE TABLE: Christofle "Albi"

A new fixture of great class and elegance, of brightness, lightness, beauty and... conjugation of art!

We present the new fixture, the new arrangement that we make always reflecting on the conjugation of art objects and how they can stand together to realize a new expression of design and innovation.

ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland & Parlon 'Monet' Exhibition II

The freshness of the new tableware we are presenting captivates with its lightness and the smiling lightness it conveys.

The Haviland plate set that we can see in correlation, conveys the brightness of the Sun, the luminosity of the Sky and the Sea and at the same time fits into the splendid collection of the French Monet tradition, from which it expresses the predominant colours of the artist's own paintings, in an artistic and realistic way.


ART OF THE TABLE: Baccarat "Arabesque"

A table of splendid wonders, a luxurious table of jovial elegance.

The splendid momentum of the Zenith Baccarat Candlestick of incredible cut and brightness, triumphs accompanying the particularity of the Underplates of our production, 925 Silver, of measured and sober elegance, the plates of the Arabesque line always Baccarat of incredible and marked and rich artistic strength, the glasses William Yeoward, of classic and eternal presence, the Robbe & Berking silver cutlery, of a simple and at the same time refined line, luminous and of magical beauty… all combine to create a table of extreme interest, extreme elegance and extreme distinction.

ART OF THE TABLE: Royal Worcester "Prestige"

A table display of objects of exceptional Quality, exceptional Art, exceptional Design: objects truly 'Museum worthy', a conjugation of perfect harmony.

The English Porcelain Dinner Plate, from the prestigious Royal Worcester company, exquisite 'Bone China' of rare and now unobtainable quality decorated in Pure Gold.

The splendid table is made up of the Baccarat plank that sits on top, is called 'Prestige' by Baccarat itself, to express what is most beautiful to behold; a subtle Crystal, an admirable conjugation of engraving, an admirable Gold decoration.

Both these unique products, are an expression of the Art of around 1960, when grace and refinement still expressed nobility.

Haviland Limoges France 1842

ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland "Portofino"

The Portofino Serving, the Portofino Setting, the Beauty of Portofino... on our table.

We carefully observe the details of the extremely exact, extremely minute decoration of the "Portofino" French Porcelain that transports us to that Sea, to that Sun, to that Light, between the Reefs and the Waves, exactly in the Centre of our Mediterranean as if we were included and enveloped by the splendour of Nature.

In correlation, we can observe all the magical components that make up our preparation, recalling the excellence of Baccarat, which together with Haviland, Saint Louis, Christofle, Scof and Argento Parenti contribute to creating the equipment we present to you.

Parenti Firenze

ART OF THE TABLE: Este Ceramiche "Pini Toscani"

From the Tuscan Pines, from the Maritime Pines of our coasts, an artistic and splendid equipment, to color with art and poetry and beauty, our living spaces, our meetings with friends.

From the beautifully painted Este Servito with the green tones of nature, the brown of the trees, and the Gold of the Sun, to the glasses of the same pleasant Tuscan green, everything can be observed in correlation, everything in the whole conveys through our eyes, Nature in our feelings.

Finally, a fresh, smaller but equally joyful and colorful table, rich in quality and art, reflecting the colors of Spring, in which the various shades of green make the hills of our splendid Tuscany even more alive.

Haviland Limoges France 1842

ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland "Rèves Du Nil"

From the "Rèves Du Nil", from the Rive Del Nilo, the richness of the Beauty and nourishment of the Earth, expressed in the harmony of the served dishes that we present to you.

The shades of Azure and Blue and Cobalt, the sinuous decorations, almost wings that go from the Earth to Heaven, the masterfully engraved Gold that reflects the light of the Sun ...... everything creates the mystery of the wonderful Land of 'Egypt crossed by the Nile.

The magic of the waters of the Nile and their creative force is expressed in an artistic and marvelous way in the decoration of the Rèves Du Nil Dishes Set.


ART OF THE TABLE: Baccarat "Mille Nuits" in the Tuscan Countryside

Inserted in the context of the Tuscan countryside a splendid table of great brightness and charm.

The light of the Baccarat Crystal in its multiple facets and its refined elegance, are combined within the olive trees and vines, creating and transmitting that sum of values and messages of art that through its expressions, spreads the meaning of multiplicity of Beauty.

Alberto Pinto

ART OF THE TABLE: Alberto Pinto "Champignon" Collection II

A splendid joyful and colorful table, rich in quality and art, reflects the colors of autumn when the various types of mushrooms make our hills even more alive.

From the hand-painted plates, from the wonderful "Amelia" Tumblers, from the natural cutlery in perfect harmony, the flowers in the center of the table, the "Tourbillon" Vase .... everything transports us to the world of warmth, company and beauty.

Royal Crown Derby

ARTE DELLA TAVOLA: Royal Crown Derby "Darley Abbey Pure Gold"

A splendid table set, reflects beauty, light and elegance.

The Splendido Bone China Porcelain Served English, help us prepare and offer a new elegance with a strong classic flavor and that transports us to contexts

of familiar and historic Beauty.

We always recommend a service of this Charm and Particularity, just to reunite with our tradition and create hospitality in our family contexts with friends and acquaintances.

Alberto Pinto

ARTE DELLA TAVOLA: Alberto Pinto "Shanghai"

A new environment, a new location and arrangement to present a harmony of beauty experienced in everyday life; our message that we wish to express to you and also to involve us personally, is precisely to bring art, as an expression of beauty, class, quality, distinction, in our daily life so that our time is ennobled by beauty and from brightness even in the worst and most opaque moments.

Alberto Pinto

ART OF THE TABLE: Alberto Pinto "Or Des Airs-Or Des Mers" Collection

A light and subtle linear black, an intertwining of algae and golden life, a splendid and white porcelain, golden silver cutlery, bright and unique for linearity and elegance, Saint-Louis Oxymore crystals, incredible goblets for artistic refinement, a center Baccarat Mille Nuits of high prestige. . . . everything comes together to present a selection of incredible beauty !!

Creating a set table as a whole is like starting an unscheduled journey: we start accompanied by the security of beauty and the expression of it and confident of this invisible travel companion, we create a visible prodigy.

Haviland Limoges France 1842

ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland "Bestiaire" Collection 2

In a splendid nature, a splendid sun illuminates a splendid table full of art, beauty, quality, joyfulness and transparency.

The sharpness of the Baccarat Crystal in its wonderful colors, the splendor of French Porcelain, the class of Parisian Ceramic Palms, the incredibly beautiful center of Baccarat Crystal and finally the pair of splendid Lalique vases with gentle and elegant magnolias on display ....... all combine to create a true and its own painting of modern art.