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Tumbler: Baccarat "Mosaique" Set of 6 Colored Tumblers


Six Splendid Colors, six Splendid Baccarat Crystal Glasses, elegant and festive, for tables full of creativity and art.

A Colored Light, A Bright Colere: Art and Beauty.

The new packaging, which Baccarat proposes, is presented in a really nice, creative, joyful and fun way.

On a tray, our glasses stand out for their outstanding quality, inserted in colors of new spring life.

Very nice to offer between friends, to brighten up an environment, to offer opportunities for colorful conversations.

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Tumbler: "Harmonie" Colors of Joy Set of 4 Tumblers


A play of colours, a play of light, a play of art and quality for a display of beauty for our environments, our offices, our spaces.

Cocktails among friends, business cocktails, representative cocktails, to distinguish and offer others our friendliness and hospitality. 

At home or at work to find that perfect harmony that the aesthetics of art creates. 

We recommend Baccarat's new colourful "Harmonie" set for beautiful gifts and to meet friends and facilitate our business meetings.

The beautiful red Baccarat box completes the new coloured tumbler set.

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Goblet: Baccarat "Harcourt 1841" Champagne Cup Set of 2


Here is the Splendid Champagne Cup from the Baccarat Harcourt Collection , charming and elegant , understated and classy .

Timeless Collection for Tradition, Beauty, Solidity, Form , Quality and Design.

The Harcourt line draws its name from a historic Harcourt family of Northern France , even from the early 1400s and already , well observing these goblets , the thought transports us to imagine these splendid castles of the North .

Strong as those families were , and Strong as our Chalices are , they convey Life and Brightness.

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Goblet: Baccarat "Harcourt 1841" Champagne Flut Set of 2


Here is the Flut from the Baccarat Harcourt Collection, timeless in Tradition, Beauty, Solidity, Form , Quality and Designer.

The Harcourt line is characterized by a Splendid Form that exudes Strength and Determination by its own and exclusive presence so Harmonious and well based as to convey the presence almost of an unfading time.

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Goblet: Baccarat "Mille Nuits" Fluttissimo Set of 4 Colored Goblets


We present a stunning rainbow set consisting of 4 beautiful, bright and colorful Champagne Flutes from Baccarat's "Flutissimo" collection of colors: Blue, Moss, Red and Amber.

The slightly curved lines and corolla paraison best reflect the play of light.

Authentic crystal masterpieces embellished by the narrow, slanted cut, the baroque spirit of the Mille Nuits collection recalls the fairy-tale atmosphere of One Thousand and One Nights.

This line expresses all the charm of the Orient: the Venetian style evokes the richness of the magnificent fabrics that adorned the palaces of the lagoon, while the narrow cut brings to mind the delicate sparkle of light.

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Cups: Baccarat "Swing" Cups Set of 2


Splendide Coppette Baccarat perfette per un delizioso Brunch, con il suo design moderno e i suoi ipnotici effetti di luce, la ciotolina Swing dal taglio sfaccettato regala alla tavola un tocco di classe, eleganza e luce.

Coppia di Coppettine di splendido cristallo lavorato, disegnate dall'artista Paul Ared, ideali per presentare piccole salse , piccanti aromi , sale e pepe , quant'altro possa servire ad insaporire ed arricchire con eleganza la nostra tavola.

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Horse: Baccarat "Cheval" Marengo


A young, bright, dynamic Horse that reminds us of the Energy of Life.

On June 14, 1800, Marengo was the scene of one of the bloodiest and bloodiest Napoleonic campaigns that pitted Napoleon Bonaparte's French army against Melas' Austrian army.

The Battle of Marengo is perhaps the most famous of the Napoleonic epic; it is so because of the political value this Victory had.

With it Bonaparte consolidated his recent power, acquired by the coup d'état of January 18, 1799, and regained dominion over Italy.

Baccarat, offering the bright spectacle of the horse "Marengo" takes us and transports us to the world far away from us, of the battle...its ribbing, its muscles, its strong stance.

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Candlestick: Baccarat "Harcourt Our Fire" Gold Candlestick


The Symbology of the Flame of the basic Candlestick, combined with the Symbology of the goblet inserted inside the candlestick and representing wine, together combine to create beauty and transcendence.

The Candlestick is composed of three basic elements: the chamfered base of the candlestick, a candle holder inspired by the shape of Baccarat's iconic Harcourt glass, and a crystal shade with a sparkling metallic finish. Starck's innovative design brings a fresh breath of inspiration to the legendary Baccarat brand-this is the first product for which Baccarat has ever used a metallic finish.

The candle's darting light, filtered by the luminescence of the crystal, is made even more sublime.

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Eagle: Baccarat "Aigle" Imperator Midnight


This Eagle in brilliant Blue Baccarat Crystal is a proud creature of exemplary craftsmanship.

Designed by Jan Tésar for Baccarat, this exceptional statue exalts the venerable raptor in all its majesty. Perched on a rock, the Eagle's pose is authoritative: powerful wings spread wide, beak pointed, gaze fixed on unknown prey.

The Imperator Eagle is made using a complex process involving a plaster mould, a clay mould, special ovens and meticulous craftsmanship.

The resulting profiles are smooth and polished, The Imperator Eagle is richer in details that, when exposed to light, produce a mottled effect.

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Cheetah: Baccarat "Cheetah in Ambush"


The crystal sculpture of this symbolic animal is an original and elegant creation.

Ideal for animal lovers, it movingly embodies the values of courage, strength and power.

The splendid Cheetah with its extraordinary posture is made of transparent crystal, for the great collectors of animal art.

In the following photos, we see how the Baccarat Cheetah and the Lalique Tiger look at each other almost in a defiant posture, or in a conversation from the classic 'Jungle Book' tale.

A perfect work of art for spacious and elegant environments, as conveyed by the Cheetah, carved from a real block of Crystal, illuminated by the Rays of the Sun. 

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Egg Cup: Baccarat "Harcourt" Coquetier Set of 2


The Egg has always been the bearer of Life and Mystery.

Through the Egg, Fertilization and Life.

Through the Egg, Hope and Energy.

The bright Baccarat Egg Holder expresses Art, Quality and Beauty.

In every table, as an expression of Care and Attention.

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Flower: Baccarat "Bloom" Fleur Or


A graceful illuminating Flower, a Crystal of Good, an Object that carries our Affection and Thought.

Perfect for any occasion, the Flower " The Bloom Collection " by Baccarat, is presented as a splendid Ornament.


Goblet: Baccarat "Bubble Box" Set of 6 Flute


Six different Flutes , six beautiful Baccarat patterns of light and brilliance , combine in one melody a creative and unique presentation.

Splendid tribute for a toast among friends , to give personality to each guest in an Elegant and Elegant way.

For night lovers and die-hard party lovers, Baccarat has designed an exclusive set of six Champagne flutes.

Champagne, Royal Mojito or Bellini, to impress our guests and enliven our parties all night long.

The ideal gift to add a touch of sparkle to life.


Flower: Baccarat "Bloom" Fleur Red


A lovely gift... an illuminating Flower, a Crystal of Good, an Object that carries our Affection and our Thoughts.

Perfect for any occasion, the Flower " The Bloom Collection " by Baccarat , is presented as a splendid Ornament.


Goblet: Baccarat "Mille Nuits" Fluttissimo Amber Set of 12


The suffix-issimo emphasises the absolute elegance of the design.

The narrow, smooth cup contrasts with the complexity of the bevelled stem: details run down the stem to the raised foot.

The two halves are joined by the elegant diamond-shaped central element that distinguishes the Mille Nuits collection.


Crystal Plates: Baccarat 1940 Rosebuds 12 Dessert Plates


Twelve 1940s Baccarat Saucers of great artistic expression and of great quality and class and beauty. 

Crystals alternate in plays of more or less accentuated transparencies. Flowers with petals of climbing roses rest on bamboo shoots, creating a living work of 'natural art.

The movement and artistic distinctiveness of our Baccarat plates turn them into works of tradition and museum pieces.

The upper part is smooth while the lower part below , shows the relief of the crystal and the protrusion of the flowers, also made alive by a few satin butterflies flying among the rose scents.


Bird: Baccarat "Faunacrystopolis" Pink


A delicate blend of fantasy and joy, Jaime Hayon's Faunacrystopolis Bird is an invitation to play and relate to nature.

An original creation for all lovers of design and woodland animals. 

Born from the creative mind of Jaime Hayon, this enchanting bird with minimalist lines is distinguished by its bright pinkish hue.

Perfect for our desk, in our living room, or a special gift.


Cocktail: Baccarat "JCB Passion" Martini Set of 2


For a life in joy, in serenity, in joy, in beauty, in transparency with art quality style class.....

A pair of Cocktail or Martini Glasses to toast together to the magical sound of the encounter between Baccarat's JCB Passion Crystals.


Caviar: Baccarat "Harcourt" Talleyrand Caviar Holder Cup


"Like Black Gold".... is how Philippe Starck defines Caviar, and that is why we are pleased to present this magnificent creation, a splendid Caviar Holder in which the designer revisits the codes of the Talleyrand collection and imagines a caviar cup that combines refinement and ergonomics, for the most precious of tastings.

The Baccarat Caviar Holder designed by Philippe Stark is a perfect combination of practicality, beauty and sophistication. 


Coffee: Baccarat "Harcourt" Talleyrand Espresso for 2 Alessi Moka Set


Baccarat and Alessi present a set of 2 Harcourt glasses and a Moka: two iconic designs for a unique experience.

The wonderful "Talleyrand" Coffee Set transforms this small daily ritual into a sweet sharing experience, savouring the irresistible taste of real Italian coffee. 

The transparent crystal of the cups and the black, creamy coffee, Caffé Baccarat, prove to be an experience of pure pleasure, the ideal gift for our friends.


Bread Saucer: Baccarat "Shell" Set of 6


Created by Baccarat in about 1950, these attractive and elegant shells are part of a historic collection for the richness of the table and the environment that hosts them.

A splendid Bread Saucer, a Sauce boat, or for Caviar or even as a decoration for our home... a collector's item that tells a Baccarat story, a unique object, full of charm and beauty.  

A splendid object, signed Baccarat in relief as they were once made by this splendid and historic Maison.


Goblet: Baccarat "Mille Nuits" Champagne Flute Set of 12 Goblets


Running vertically through the splendid Mille Nuits chalice, this motif gracefully diffuses the light flowing from the silhouette, and the striped pattern is also visible on the foot of the glass, where it radiates from the stem.

The elegant central diamond-cut crystal fragment is the distinctive element of the Mille Nuits goblets, placed between the base of the bowl and the foot of the glass to unite the two sections.

Baccarat's transparent crystal Mille Nuits glasses feature almost imperceptible alternating stripes, an incredible play of light, and this gorgeous pattern is also available in different sizes and colors.


Flower: Baccarat "Bloom" Fleur Rose


Think Pink!

We present Baccarat's new Pink collection, a flower of splendid transparency, wonderful light and magnificent colour!

Delicate and perfect, this rosy bud brings a touch of sweetness to our environments, a detail with such a light design that makes our home harmonious.

Deep, authentic, delicate... 

We recommend the beautiful flower representing life, as a gift to a special person as a symbol of friendship, love or a sweet gift for us. 

Other flowers, equally wonderful and in splendid colours, can be seen in correlation.


Butterfly: Baccarat "Papillon" Pink


Think Pink!

we present the brand new Baccarat Pink Butterfly.

Behind this inimitable pink hue, obtained by embellishing the crystal with 24-carat gold dust, lies all the skill of Baccarat's craftsmen.

The irresistible charm of Baccarat butterflies radiates light and vitality in any setting.

A graceful harbinger of joy, the Pink Butterfly will bring new happiness into our lives.