ART OF THE TABLE: Baccarat "Mille Nuits" in the Tuscan Countryside

Inserted in the context of the Tuscan countryside a splendid table of great brightness and charm.

The light of the Baccarat Crystal in its multiple facets and its refined elegance, are combined within the olive trees and vines, creating and transmitting that sum of values and messages of art that through its expressions, spreads the meaning of multiplicity of Beauty.

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The splendid "Zenith Noir" central candlestick designed and imagined by Philippe Starck dominates almost like a King who spreads his strength and his magic.

The couple of Bearbrick Noir, almost like pageboys, seem to protect their King and the alternation of the splendid red color characteristic of Baccarat with its transparency of the magical Mille Nuits Plates, creates a vision so interesting as to represent a true picture of Art and Beauty .

Each component of our splendid table can be purchased in correlation and we can observe them from a different perspective, almost musical and descriptive at the same time, in our "Symphony Tables Set" category.

The red "Vega" goblet, the "Harcourt Bouton Rouge" goblet, the oval and rectangular Eye Vases, the Tumbler Mosaique Rouge, the Parenti Silver Plates, the Mille Nuits Plates by Mathias, the bread saucers that now contain each of the three sweet figs of the Tuscan countryside ..... everything seems protected by a splendid olive tree that offers its ready olives to complete our harvest of art and nature.

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