The Art of the Table

ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland "Magnolia" Exhibit II

ART OF THE TABLE: Baccarat "Mille Nuits" Garden

Immersed in the Tuscan Countryside, among Olive Trees and Cypresses the Baccarat Crystal rises in Light, Beauty, Transparency and Luminosity.

The attunement and harmony that is the basis of our life can be observed in the conjugation between the natural environment so perfect and the Baccarat Crystal that enhances with splendor and magnificence the setting and environment that belongs to all of us.

ARTE DELLA TAVOLA: Baccarat "Mille Nuits"

A splendid table. of great elegance and lightness: Everything lights up, illuminating...everything shines, shining.

This splendid conjugation of artistic Baccarat crystal and artistic silver expression of Puiforcat, and spectacular silver cutlery .... also transmits to us who live and observe it, an intense harmony of sounds ...

This splendid conjugation of artistic Baccarat crystal and artistic silver expression of Puiforcat , and spectacular silver cutlery....transmits even to us who experience and observe it, an intense harmony of sound ...

ARTE DELLA TAVOLA: Alberto Pinto "Champignon" Collection II

A Splendid joyful and colorful table, rich in quality and art, reflects the colors of autumn when the various types of mushrooms make our hills even more alive.

From the hand-painted plates, the wonderful "Amelia" Tumblers, the natural cutlery in perfect harmony, the flowers in the center of the table, the "Tourbillon" Vase".... everything transports us to the world of warmth, companionship and beauty.

ARTE DELLA TAVOLA: Albero Pinto "Botanique"

From a characteristic Florentine terrace Parenti presents a wonderful new table to be carefully observed and admired in its various details because it is truly the details that create with harmonious synthesis what the history of the Parenti Store and its tradition, want and desire to express.

ARTE DELLA TAVOLA: Christofle "Albi"

Or Des Mer Or Des Airs: Alberto Pinto Collection II

A light and subtle light illuminates this splendid table, a sophisticated weave and life of gold, a splendid and white porcelain, gilded silver cutlery, luminous and unique in linearity and elegance, Baccarat "Empire" Crystal Goblets, incredible in artistic refinement, a center and luminous Baccarat "Spiral" Vase of high prestige. . . . all combine to present a selection of incredible beauty!!!

A Florentine Terrace : Regency Red...

From a terrace in the centre of Florence, a marvellous English Servet, of splendid workmanship and splendid creativity.

We thus present an incredible table that fascinates for its harmony and conjugation of beauty as an expression, so often said, of a transcendence that envelops and penetrates every artistic expression.