Martini, shaker and caviar


Cocktail: Baccarat "JCB Passion" Martini Set of 2


For a life in joy, in serenity, in joy, in beauty, in transparency with art quality style class.....

A pair of Cocktail or Martini Glasses to toast together to the magical sound of the encounter between Baccarat's JCB Passion Crystals.


Caviar: Baccarat "Harcourt" Talleyrand Caviar Holder Cup


"Like Black Gold".... is how Philippe Starck defines Caviar, and that is why we are pleased to present this magnificent creation, a splendid Caviar Holder in which the designer revisits the codes of the Talleyrand collection and imagines a caviar cup that combines refinement and ergonomics, for the most precious of tastings.

The Baccarat Caviar Holder designed by Philippe Stark is a perfect combination of practicality, beauty and sophistication. 


Caviar: Christofle "Malmaison" Served Caviar


We present from Maison Christofle a splendid Caviar Holder from the Malmaison line of splendid and ample capacity, the caviar holder reflects elegance luxury and art at the same time.

The palmettes that follow one another crowning the borders, the edges of the Caviar Holder convey like an embroidery of elegance and kindness.

We picture it with ice and caviar thus imagining a splendid centerpiece to luxuriously welcome friends and acquaintances.


Shaker: Christofle "Graphik"


We bring you the beautiful Silver Christofle "Graphik" Shaker for creating fresh and colorful drinks; it is the essential accessory for mixing drinks and is simply the best way to get a cocktail at the perfect temperature and with the perfect blend.

The Graphik motif, in its modern and emblematic dimension, has a different rhythm from room to room, this splendid Shaker stands out for its creativity, elegance and functionality.

The shaker is one of the essential items for the bar, made entirely of silver-plated metal.

This 3-piece shaker features a strainer to strain shaken cocktails, and the conductivity of the silver metal is ideal for chilling cocktails.

Robbe & Berking

Cocktail: Robbe & Berking 'Dante' Silver-plated Cocktail Sieve


We present a splendid Cocktail Strainer that combines Style, refinement and 'harmony.

The traditional need for simplicity, purity and elegant proportions is skillfully fulfilled by Robbe & Berking's "Dante" bar collection and fits perfectly in the hand and makes every drink an unforgettable experience.

The Silver reveals all its luster and brightness on the perfectly smooth surface.

The cocktail strainer is part of every bartender's basic equipment. It keeps all solid ingredients such as fruits, spices or ice cubes in the shaker if they are not part of the cocktail being served. Ideally, the cocktail strainer should be used with the matching shaker from the Robbe & Berking bar collection.


Cocktail: Christofle 'Graphik' Silver-plated Cocktail Dispenser


We present a splendid measuring cup from Christofle, for preparing Cocktails together with our friends, essential for our bar.

The double 2/4cl measuring cup allows you to accurately measure the amount of liquid needed to prepare cocktails and other drinks, the thinner part at the intersection of the two measuring cups is a gripping point for aesthetic and ergonomic design.

Cocktails have made a comeback in recent years, reduced to its simplest expression since the 1980s.

The Graphik motif, in its modern and emblematic dimensions, has a different rhythm and will accompany us throughout the evening: from the preparation of our cocktails to the presentation of our finest bottles.


Shaker: Saint Louis "Manhattan"


We present the new Saint Louis Shaker from the Manhattan line, with its splendid and luminous cut, of marked modernity at the same time as elegant tradition.

A style reminiscent of the French Deco line of the 1930s, it shines with such beauty that it attracts the attention of anyone who looks at it, anyone who might buy it for their bar or as a thought. 

Its lower part consists of a tall clear crystal glass that allows the mixture to be seen. Used alone, it is suitable for the preparation of spoon-mixed cocktails.

It consists of two sections: a central part with the strainer, through which the cocktail is poured, and the food-grade rubber stopper, which overhangs the shaker and ensures an airtight seal during mixing.


Caviar: Baccarat "Abysse"


The Harcourt Abysse Caviar Set, created for Baccarat by Thomas Bastide in a 1930s style, showcases the purity and architectural beauty of Baccarat crystal.


Shaker: Saint-Louis "Manhattan" Coffret Mixology (Shaker + jigger + cuillère)


The Manhattan line by Saint Louis, presents a beautifully cut crystal with rigour, essentiality and linearity.

The Shaker is a wonderful object that expresses class, art and beauty.

The splendid Manhattan testifies to the infinite creativity of Saint-Louis, which is always careful to draw on its heritage and expertise to create new objects that are perfectly in tune with the conventions of the time.


Cocktail: Saint-Louis "Oxymore" Set of 6


The Oxymore collection stands out thanks to the energy of its design and the purity of its cut similar to a bright staircase.

Oxymore attests to the infinite creativity of Saint-Louis, who is always careful to draw with his heritage and his expertise, new objects that are perfectly in tune with the conventions of the time.


Caviale: Ercuis " Perles" Caviar Coupe Sur Pied


A Splendid Caviar Set for One or Two people, of great compactness and elegance.

As you can see, each Caviar Set is made up of three parts.

The base allows us to have our  Caviar Set, slender and bright, with a really nice shape.


Caviale: Ercuis "Transat" Coppa Caviale


Gorgeous Caviar Holder with a nice shape, incredible brightness, also ideal for presenting a nice centerpiece.

By taking out the crystal bowl, an elegant vase is presented which is ideal for flowers, ice and other interesting creative presentations.


Shaker: Saint Louis "Tommy"


From the splendid Tommy line of Saint Louis, of perfect luminous French Crystal, of perfect and symmetrical cut, silver and splendid, ... the Shaker that we present, transports Art and Modernity and transports us into convivial life when with friends, we offer Martini, Gin, Vodka and let's mix with ice with that splendid stirring ritual, to harmonize the scents in delicious blends.


Caviale: Saint Louis "Apollo"


From the Apollo Line of Saint Louis, a Splendid Crystal caviar holder, gilt edge, gilded supports.

The gilding transports us inside our Sun, as if to elevate us in the understanding of Art and Beauty, as a reflection of Transcendence.

William Yeoward

Shaker: William Yeoward "Jerry" English crystal


This truly exclusive shaker, in English crystal, perfectly engraved, transmits elegance and joyfulness just by seeing it: perfect for great aperitifs with friends, colleagues and convivialities where the pleasure of refined objects can find space.

This we observe is the largest measure but we can have two measures of limited capacity for events with fewer guests.

One of these, the medium one, is always from the W.J. while the smaller one, from the French glassware Saint-Louis.


Cocktail: Saint Louis "Manhattan" Cocktail-Champagne Set of 6


From the Saint Louis "Manhattan" line, a splendid Champagne Cup, splendid for Cocktails, splendid for Aperitifs, splendid for Toasts and Wishes of Shared Happiness.

The Manhattan cut, which Saint Louis has been offering since 1959, is a cut full of charm, of luminosity, of chiaroscuros that make the large cup we present to you alive and deep.

In correlation you can observe a large part of the series, and as a whole, everything comes together in a splendid harmony of beauty.


Cocktail: Saint-Louis "Apollo" Set of 12


The goblet is enriched with a thin pure gold thread on the edge of the base and on the upper part of the goblet.

With a subtle incision that runs along the length of its profile, the Apollo line conveys movement, transparency, class and distinction.

Very beautiful crystal that amazes for its lightness and solidity at the same time.

The art that Saint-Louis transmits through its crystals is a continuous evolution from a great and long tradition of research and continuous attention.


Shaker: Saint-Louis "Oxymore" Central Shaker


The Oxymore collection stands out thanks to the energy of its design and the purity of its cut similar to a bright staircase.

Oxymore attests to the infinite creativity of Saint-Louis, who is always careful to draw with his heritage and his expertise, new objects that are perfectly in tune with the conventions of the time.


Cocktail: Baccarat "Vega" Martini Set of 1


Extremely elegant in its Luminous Transparency, Slender and Elegant, supported by Spheres of Lights, the Martini Glass transports us into the pleasant joy of a Life among Friends, Parties, Aperitifs ... Encounters. !!


Caviar: Saint Louis "Thistle" Or


A splendid Porta Caviar, of great charm and elegance.

A crystal masterfully cut in soft and regular waves, and a large crown of golden engravings, depicting the splendid petals of the flowering Thistle.