Champagne, ice


Ice: Saint Louis "Manhattan" Ice Bucket


A blend of American inspiration and a sense of French conviviality, Manhattan introduces the spirit of Mixology to the home. The collection is distinctly modern, embellished with beveled cuts that form an architectural decoration.

The Manhattan ice bucket is an ideal everyday accessory, thanks to the silver-plated metal handles that facilitate movement the brilliance and quality of the crystal, the cut so precise neat.

Looking at the marked engravings, we notice the artistry that shines through in noticing how these incisions that meet then fade into the transparency of the Crystal itself.


Champagne: Ercuis "Èclat" Champagne Bucket with Stand


We enthusiastically present an attractive Champagne Bucket of luminous linearity, essentiality and great convenience.

We look with curiosity at the conical shape of our Champagne Bucket set inside a silver-plated holder designed and manufactured using modern techniques of essential and practical design.

We enthusiastically recommend it for our dinners either indoors near our tables to gather around a good champagne with our closest friends, or under our outdoor loggias, our countryside, our elegant picnics, our swimming pools and any other place our creativity suggests.


Ice: Ercuis "Latitude" Silver Ice Bucket


The "Latitude" Ice Bucket that we present to you is made up of an external Silver part of splendid size and elegance and an internal part of transparent Crystal that fits perfectly to accommodate the ice and any Ice Tongs that you can observe in correlation.

It is an excellent gift for wedding lists and also as gifts for our friends: its elegant presence and modern shape allow it to be considered by all of us as an ideal gift to transport our thoughts and our friendship.

Among its other functions we also see it interesting as a centerpiece to welcome flowers or offer aperitifs and anything else our imagination can recommend.


Champagne: Christofle "Vertigo" Champagne Bucket on the Right


From the Vertigo collection by Christofle, we present the new Champagne bucket, with a splendid line, splendid brightness, splendid practicality.

Elegant in any environment, it transmits sympathy and modernity in our homes, in our offices, in our parties.

The Vertigo champagne bucket in bright French silver metal has two nice side handles that allow you to lift it with great ease and give the bucket itself a nice look.


Ice Tongs: Ercuis "Regency"


Here is a very practical and classy accessory for you, essential for a well-stocked bar, essential for our homes precisely by virtue of the fact that the famous "Ice Tong" is very often missing in our homes.

So here's to you a beautiful package with a nice silver ice tong inside to convey elegance and refinement to our environment.

A necessary accessory to complete the offer of our aperitifs and liqueurs to friends and acquaintances with the ease and freedom of a well-organized environment.


Champagne: Baccarat "Harcourt" Gold Champagne Bucket


A splendid golden Champagne Bucket, reflects the sunlight that illuminates our Vines, our Fields, to allow us to savor fragrant Champagne.

The Light of the Crystal, The Art of Baccarat, The Art of the Designer ... all combine to create the Harmony of Beauty.

In correlation it is possible to admire the version of the Silver Champagne Bucket.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Champagne: Vintage Golden Champagne Bucket


Wonderful French Champagne Bucket, circa 1940s.

Beautiful accessory for bright and prestigious tables where the search for beauty and quality lives through exclusive choices.

Elegant and distinguished, our champagne bucket shows itself by illuminating spaces and harmonizing perfectly with fine champagne bottles and elegant flutes.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Champagne: Champagne Dried Pair Magnum Old Sheffield, Circa 1820


We present the splendid pair of bottle coasters for magnum, English from 1820, they represent a splendid accessory of great class and elegance

The line and the material and the harmonious presence transform our coasters almost into museum objects, capable of giving the environment that welcomes them that particularity and interest that reflects the strong personality of those who own them.


Tumbler: Baccarat "Harmonie" On The Rocks Tumblers and Bucket


A splendid Set that Baccarat offers.

From the Harmonie line, the central Ice Bucket and 4 Tumblers.

A splendid presentation.

A practical composition to have everything ready when we offer liqueurs and ice together.

This model is one of the oldest products manufactured by Baccarat and can be considered an "evergreen".

Many years after its creation, his line is still perfect, classic but at the same time modern.


Ice: Baccarat "Harmonie" Ice Bucket


"A Splendid Ice Bucket. Of great luminosity and Art.

Perfect in line, splendid like Crystal, wonderful comfort of the handle, perfect fit.

To receive friends and acquaintances in Beauty and Quality.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Champagne: Ravinet D'Enfert Dry Champagne 1920s


A splendid pair of Ravinet D'Enfert Champagne Buckets from around 1920.

Very rare to see, the Champagne Buckets that we present to you are splendid to complete our spaces, our collections of vintage objects, our invitations with fresh Champagne or Prosecco to friends and acquaintances in a truly elegant and unique way.


Champagne: Saint Louis "Tommy" Champagne Bucket


An elegant and wonderful line, bright, elegant and of great quality.

A criss-cross cut at the base that flows into rays of light for an accessible center.

A splendid message that the Line transmits and the Champagne invites you to reach !!!


Champagne: Christofle "Vertigo" Champagne Bucket for 2 Champagne


Linear and very pleasant and bright and modern, the Champagne Bucket that we offer you stands out for the great sympathy it transmits.

For all of us, in times of celebration with friends and relatives, for a toast of serenity.

Of large capacity, it is suitable for two bottles of Prosecco or Champagne or White Wine.


Ice: Lalique "Wingen" Ice Bucket


Imagining a tray with such crystal on display from the Lalique line, we are captivated by such artistry and quality.

The pleasantness of the crystal so elegantly worked, the class of these dense vertical lines combined with the soberly satin-finished tone of the crystal itself, transforms the whole collection into an exclusive choice, unique and always splendid in time.

The collection takes its name from 'Wingen sur Moder', an area in eastern France where we can visit the Lalique Museum.

In this very special land, the river Moder nurtures a land rich in forests and dense trees that are side by side as if to remind us of the verticality of the Ice Bucket and the rest of the collection.

Interesting to know that the meaning of the word wingen , can be translated as Fire.