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Tiffany & Co. 925 Sterling Silver and Painted Golf Player Cufflinks


Do you think it is possible to wear a painting? 

We think so, and we show you this gorgeous pair of hand-painted Tiffany & Co. 925 Sterling Silver lustrous cufflinks depicting two golfers made in the early 1990s!

We enthusiastically recommend these gorgeous cufflinks from the Tiffany Collection made in Italy! 

Gorgeous cufflinks to wear for a sporty and elegant look at the same time....

Twins 4 Hunting Dogs 1890


A splendid pair of cufflinks depicting 4 heads of different dogs, in gold hand painted in England, dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Gold Enamel Polo Cufflinks 1960


We enthusiastically present this pair of Antique Cufflinks decorated in Enamel circa 1960 and depicting Polo Players on a bright English Polo field.

The Cufflinks are double as easily observable, held together by a nice mesh of small rings and the movement of the Polo Player stands out, creating interest and transporting us with the imagination, within these fascinating spaces of the English countryside.

Horse cufflinks Gold and Enamel 1890


We present a pair of very nice Cufflinks in Gold, Enamel and Diamonds from 1890

The Diamonds replace the hooves of the rear part of the Horse and give light and interest creating a really nice peculiarity.

Our horse paws with diamond hooves....