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Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Sauce boat: Vienna Sauce boat 1922


A beautiful 1922 gravy boat created in Vienna of a splendid pattern created with art and magic.

The elegance of the gravy boat we present and their beautiful shape, can be seen in the composed momentum of the shape itself: the shape was created with careful craftsmanship, they clearly show the elegance and sinuosity of the object itself with a beautiful base to complete the wonderful gravy boat that on our tables cannot be missed.

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Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Vase: Art Nouveau Pair of Vases 1910


Gorgeous pair of 1910 French Art Nouveau Vases.

Two beautiful Vases, full of color, energy and strength, decorate our rooms with a work of Art, making our spaces interesting and full of charm.

We recommend them as an unforgettable and prestigious gift to tastefully decorate our living rooms.

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Collezione D'Arte Parenti



A beautiful aquamarine necklace of great radiance and great effect.

Almost as if it were a blue diamond necklace it surrounds our face with brightness of radiance of kindness and elegance. 

The aquamarine necklace is mounted in White gold and is rich with 78 Ct of this beautiful natural stone that is called aquamarine precisely because of this exceptional brightness that reflects the colors of the sky on the water. 

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Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Tumbler: "Black Forest" 1960 Set of 6


A small and precious collection of 6 Tumblers truly exclusive for their composition and the quality of the Crystal.

The 6 Tumblers we present are created by a triple layer, the inner one is Brilliant White Crystal, the layer in the middle is Transparent Crystal, the last one is Glossy Black Crystal has special engravings that convey depth and mystery to our Tumbler.

The name Black Forest transports us right into a forest at night, illuminated by the moon when the branches of the trees rise to the sky exactly as they appear in our tumblers.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Gallo: Gallo in Ceramica del 1940


A great Rooster of the splendid French tradition "Barbotine" , brings back to our observation this splendid technique, which on Ceramics and with natural colors at hand, transformed ornaments into splendid works of Art.

Our rooster dates back to the early 1900s, when in France, through Ceramics, so many expressions of the world of nature were represented, such as Chachepots, vases, table accessories, so many objects that through the bright colors that were used, transported us to the world of life and the Sun that illuminates it.

At that time, art was expressed by combining the most diverse colors that together represented precisely the harmony of creation-it is beautiful to observe tones of the same color in different concentrations and combinations.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Clock: "Hour Lavigne" 1950


Signed by the Parenti Shop, we present a splendid Clock from the fine Hour Lavigne company of Paris, founded in 1843.

The clock is a Desk Clock; it consists of a double part.

On the inner base is the clock in Roman numerals resting on a heavy gilt base.

The upper part has the peculiarity of having a beautiful movable lens that allows both a good look at the time and the ability to read, being movable even difficult parts of various texts with a beautiful engraving of a compass, transporting us into one of the adventure stories.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Mahogany Gold and Diamond Snake Bracelet

From the splendid Italian workmanship, we show a beautiful Mahogany Bracelet, in Gold and a splendid mantle of Diamonds that appears on the head, on the sparkling eyes and also on the tail. 

The Bracelet wraps around our arm, giving that lightness and distinctiveness and also that beauty that the Jewel, just by virtue of its name conveys.

And it is precisely with joy that we show the suppleness and elasticity of the bracelet, and its precise micromachining on the top such that its surface is shrouded in mystery and light-dark shadows. 

From the tail to the head the Serpent presents an unusual movement that from the end of the head to the tapering tail seems to move gently on the arm of the wearer.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Bag: Crocodile Dark Brown 1950


We present a beautiful Handbag, beautifully handcrafted from 1950 in dark brown Crocodile leather.

A revival of style and elegance in contemporary fashion, the bag creates a fine and classy touch, giving a unique character that sets us apart, telling the personality of the wearer. 

Bringing a distant past of class and elegance back into the present, we revive the 1950s with us in their splendid life of luxury, balance and distinction.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Platinum and Diamond Bracelet 1930

A splendid bracelet from 1930 weighing 51.5 g and with antique-cut Diamonds 16-17 ct of great Art and Beauty and Sweetness.

The Bracelet has 3 large Diamonds in the lozenges, the sum of which is about 1.8 ct, also very beautiful are the baguettes of Diamonds on the 1.2 ct links.

The Bracelet was made in France in 1930 and has Platinum marks (the dog's head).

The bracelet we present here was made with great attention to detail and the clasp is hidden and does not appear when the bracelet is worn.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Bordeaux, Gold and Diamonds Enamelled Snake Bracelet

A splendid Golden Snake Bracelet surrounds our arm, conveying elegance, beauty and sinuosity.

The Serpent Bracelet we present to you is of marvellous Italian workmanship, entirely handcrafted in Gold and Enamels and Diamonds. 

It is beautiful to look at, noting the suppleness of the Snake's scales covered in extremely shiny Bordeaux enamel, the head distinguished from the body by a surge of luminous Diamonds.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Clock: 1940 Small Alarm Clock


We present an elegant and classic Clock-Alarm Clock from 1940 Circa weighing 1kg. 

Made in Switzerland the Clock is Gilded and of in a nice shape, with ground Crystals and mechanical mechanism and key that allows daily use. 

The Clock is to be wound with its key by opening the back door and it is very interesting to observe from both sides the visible mechanism typical of Desk Clocks of those times.

The Clock has on the top a splendid handle of elegant almost geometric shape as we can observe in order to move it comfortably.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Clock: Alarm Clock 1940 Large


We present to you an elegant and classic Alarm Clock from circa 1940 weighing 1,600 kg. 

Manufactured in Paris V.R the Clock is gilded and in a nice shape, with ground crystals and a mechanical mechanism and key that allows daily use. 

The Clock is wound with its key by opening the back door and it is very interesting to observe from both sides the visible mechanism typical of the Desk Clocks of those times.

The Clock has a beautiful, softly rounded handle on the top, and as we can see, it can be moved around comfortably.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Photograph Frame: Silver Frame London 1918


Splendid Picture Frame , of great charm and elegance, allows you to show your memories , with that love , that only history and the richness of life can remember.

To be admired to quality of silver , the quality of the shape of the frame and the decoration at the top that like a crown , completes the image helping to give importance and magic to our memories .

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Thermos: "Pigment" Black Leather Big Size


Interesting Thermos of splendid quality, splendid for offering sportingly elegant coffee ...

Covered in black leather , it stands out for its sporty and exclusive elegance. 

The whole line we present, fascinates by the sympathy of its shape, its solid and excellent quality.

Truly classy accessories, interesting to look at, very pleasant to use ... accessories for which we feel a keen interest.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Cutlery: English Mother-of-Pearl Fruit Cutlery 1925 in Silver


We present a splendid and elegant Fruit Forks and Knives Set beautifully presented in a beautiful box.

An English Cutlery Set from 1925, for our carefully set tables for our dearest friends and family, to make a dinner party perfect and unforgettable with class and elegance.

Antique Sterling Silver and mother of pearl handled fruit set for twelve people, straight-sided pointed-end blade knives, and three-prong forks, fitted intoan original presentation box.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Cachepot: Royal Worcester Pair Bone China 1947


Splendid Cachepots, of incredible elegance, design and shape and harmony, perfect.

A magical porcelain that lives and transmits to us the now outdated and lost artistic skills of skilled artisans who have left us, through their works, their memory, their nostalgia.

The splendid Bone China porcelain reflects the brightness of transparency, the light of the life of nature and of man together, which accomplish the most beautiful and poetic that can live.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Picture: French sheep


A splendid hand-painted picture depicting a moving image of Sheep, in the light of the Sun, in the Freedom of Nature that surrounds them.

The moving Mother observes and watches over the life of her puppy, the whole environment seems to rise, protected and absorbed by the colors of the Sky: the field becomes blue, the grass itself is blue..... everything lights up with the mystery of the blue of the sky.

We recommend Robuchon's painting to furnish our living spaces and we see it perfect in fresh environments lived in by sensitive people who love nature and who through nature are able to intuit the mystery of life.

Perfect as a gift for any occasion and perfect to remind us of the Beauty of Life.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Picture: French Donkey 2000s


A cute little donkey, with a good appearance painted by the French painter Robuchon, presents itself to our eyes transmitting its sympathy and liveliness, especially with its extremely lively eyes and extremely attentive ears, it almost seems to evaluate our expression.

Observing the painting of our Donkey Donkey, a real relationship is established with him, and this is why we show it, sure to make you smile and we present it to you as a decorative object for your environments, for your rooms and also for the your working environments.

And this is why we also include it in the gift category and in correlation at the same time we can observe other paintings by the same artist who always and at the same time transmit the same and immediate sympathy.

Collezione D'Arte Parenti

Table Lamps: England "Bovin Lamp" 1900 Pair


From 1900 English a splendid and fascinating pair of "Bovine Lamps" in natural Bronze and Horn.

Fascinating in their shape and elegant, they represent a splendid opportunity to furnish interesting environments with charm and distinction.

We recommend them in homes where attention to detail helps create an interesting environment and we see them perfect among antique sofas, in bookshops and professional studios, inside large apartments and large villas, and they contribute together to the environment hosts them and in the light of the surrounding area to create furnishings of great emotional strength.