Ashtray: Baccarat "Abysse", Vide-poche in French crystal, Thomas Bastide design

The Harcourt Abysse vide-poche takes up the distinctive symbols of the Harcourt style, such as the hexagonal shape and the flat ribs, which give it functionality and a timeless aesthetic.

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The bright Vide-Poche is Inspired by the style of the Harcourt range, the Harcourt-Abysse desk accessories, with their octagonal cuts and flat ribs, complete the iconic Baccarat collection.

The photo frame, the vide-poche and the candlesticks give elegance and classic style to the interiors, as well as the symbolic Harcourt glasses.

Diameter: 23.2 cm

Height: 3.6 cm

Package Contents: One Vide-Poche

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