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Vaso: Saint Louis "Comete" Large Flannel Grey Vase

A splendid Vase displays its beauty and elegance by shining with light and charm.

The new Saint Louis Flannel Comete Large Vase surprises for its class and for the wonderful crystal, of eternal quality and great charm.

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Imagining the Comete Vase in our environments, we immediately notice its expressive Art which combines quality, harmony, meaning; Comets whiz around the crystal with spheres and mysterious rays almost as if they revolved around our lives, bringing us messages of goodness and new horizons to broaden our thoughts and our hearts.

We recommend the Vase that we show you, to embellish our environments with Beauty and Mystery.

Height cm 37

Width of the upper part 22 cm

Delivery contents : Comete Saint Louis vase

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