Highball: Saint Louis "Tommy"

From the Tommy line of Saint Louis, a stunning line dating back to 1928, we show this bright Chope, beautifully cut with the classic crisscross cut at the base and slender at the top

Our Tumbler Alto is perfect for offering fresh aperitifs or thirst-quenching drinks or liqueurs with ice.


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A tall Tumbler called Highball in English and Chope in French to present to friends and acquaintances the most artistically perfect we can buy.

From the crossed cuts of the lower part, to the slender cuts of the upper part ... a symbol of elevation and brightness.

Together with the entire collection, it represents a necessary complement and to which we can combine and observe in correlation, the ice bucket and at the same time the whole rich Tommy collection of Saint Louis

Height: 14 cm

Package Contents: 6 High Tumblers

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