Bottiglia Vodka: Saint-Louis "Tommy" Caraffe à Vodka

A Splendid Decanter Bottle for Vodka, Slim, Slim, Light, Precious as an expression of Art and Beauty.


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Vodka bottle: Saint-Louis "Tommy" Caraffe à Vodka.

           A splendid Vodka carafe completes the series of small glasses that we can observe in correlation.

      The Carafe, from the "Tommy" line, a historic line that Saint-Louis has been offering since 1928, splendid shapes of stars in its parison decorated with diamonds, bevels, pearls and edges. Its straight lines have given elegance to the tables of the most official ceremonies, up to the Galerie des Glaces in Versailles.

           We propose it, imagining the splendid color that shines through and fascinates, once filled with a fragrant and excellent Vodka.

Height of Decanter Vodka Saint-Louis 31.00 cm

Base diameter 12.2 cm

Package Contents: One Bottle Vodka

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