Tumbler Highball: Baccarat "Harmonie" Highball 140 Set of 2 Glasses

From the rich Harmonie series we present the Highball, almost 14 cm high, ideal for pleasantly savoring a smooth drink or with ice, to be able to smell its scent and spend a time of freedom.

The large Tumbler that we present to you is also particularly suitable for refreshing drinks and soft drinks which are thus offered by the Baccarat Crystal with its splendid transparency.


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We present the complete series of the Baccarat Harmonie Collection.

The Tumbler that we show on this occasion is a real Long Drink, Hightball, and is a very tall tumbler from the same series and measures 14 cm in height and is ideal for a long drink with ice and a refreshing drink and tasty Cocktails.

They are all wonderful glasses that convey beauty and quality.

The package presents two glasses together.

In correlation it is possible to see the price of the other Crystals represented in the photo with the other different measures.

Height: 14cm

Package Contents: 2 tall tumblers

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