ARTE DELLA TAVOLA: Alberto Pinto "Shanghai"

A new environment, a new location and arrangement to present a harmony of beauty experienced in everyday life; our message that we wish to express to you and also to involve us personally, is precisely to bring art, as an expression of beauty, class, quality, distinction, in our daily life so that our time is ennobled by beauty and from brightness even in the worst and most opaque moments.


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A joyful exhibition, new, fresh and interesting almost as much as an expression of art and quality to observe the single details in correlation and admire how the conjugation of the beautiful and interesting creates an exhibition of new potential.

We invite you to look at this splendid table in the "Symphony Set Tables" category.

12 placemats

12 dinner plates

12 dessert plates

12 soup plates

Served consisting of 48 dishes

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