Piantana.Baccarat "Mille Nuits" 12 Luci

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The Mille Nuits collection, designed for Baccarat by Mathias, is inspired by the poetic and faraway tales of The Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

This floor candelabrum is entirely composed of bevel-cut crystal, crafted in both straight and swirled shapes. Festooned with hexagonal and prismatic flourishes, Baccarat’s signature single red crystal drop hangs amidst the translucent crystal. The candelabrum diffuses the light to exquisitely sparkling effect thanks to the refractions interplaying with the artistry of the crystal cuts. In the Baccarat tradition, the Mille Nuits candelabrum brings pure luxuriousness to any interior.

Matias. From lamps to mirrors, from furniture to quality services for the table, his imagination never ceases to give everyday object, a special status. Poet, impulsive, charming, promoter of new movements, known for 20 years for the intelligence of his mind and the diversity of his creations, Mathias blends happiness, imagination and aesthetics. His collaboration with Baccarat began in 1996 and after many successes Mathias consolidates its union in Baccarat, creating the new collection of lights "Mille Nuits". "Mille Nuits" is for the artist himself, who has lived in youth in Syria and Turkey with his grandfather, a memory-rich emotions, Mathias same tribute to family stories that bind him to his dear childhood. Universes impregnated with a special magic, in the twilight lights by night, immediately evoke an atmosphere of mystery from the Far East involve us in a immersive environment.

Composition: Crystal
Dimensions: Height 211 cm,
                     Diameter 96.4 cm,
                     Weight 90 kg
Package contents: One Floor Candelabra in One Wooden Box and Two Cardboard Boxes 

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