Floor Lamp: Baccarat "Torch"

The Torch line draws inspiration from the exquisite Zénith chandeliers, reinventing their famous elements. The union between the transparent crystal and the luster of the metal

gives the product a modern air: the long and thin polished stainless steel base is juxtaposed with swaying crystal pendants and the characteristic octagonal crystal

Baccarat red. The lamp harmoniously combines refined technology, poetic fantasy and purity through the white lampshade.

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The Torch floor lamp by Baccarat has a splendid slender and essential shape and extremely bright at the same time and perfect for our environments, creating that point

ambient light that helps to give grace and lightness to our living rooms to our dining rooms to our libraries to our reading tables, and to any other

environment that may require a touch of thanks and kindness.

also perfect in bedrooms to replace table lamps or on bedside tables for a touch of class and originality.

Height: 1.5m

Width: 35 cm

Length: 35 cm

Weight: 10 kg

Package contents: 1 Floor lamp

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