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Wall Lamp: Baccarat "Zenith", Two Lights Wall Lamp in Black Crystal, P. Starck

The name Zenith derives from an Arabic word, modified over time by the Latin tradition and which indicates the action of the movement of the head, which pushes the eyes to look up at the sun in its moments of maximum splendor.

This maximum splendor can be found in the light of the Zenith line.

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"Zenith" applique with two lights in Baccarat black crystal, signed Philippe Starck.

Incredible quality, elegance and brightness, which this black crystal transmits.

It is made according to the great tradition of making crystal objects and adorned with octagons and arrow prisms.

Truly fascinating object!

Height: 40 cm

Length: 32 cm

Width: 42 cm

Package Contents: One Wall Lamp

Lampshades are sold separately.

It is possible to buy each lampshade individually (€ 120.00 x 1).

Lampshade dimensions: Height: 12 cm

                                Width: 13 cm

Total price of the chandelier with lampshades: € 10130.00

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