Tumbler Alto: Saint-Louis "Folia", Set di 6 Highball Misura Alta (Posizione Centrale)

From the Folià line of Saint Louis, the splendid Tumbler with a large and solid shape

  To savor whiskey and ice or other liqueurs with friends, it transmits its quality to the touch and creates beauty and art even just by holding it in your hand.

The tumbler is included in the Folià Collection that we can admire in correlation and each crystal reflects lights and charm for the designer and the splendid line he owns.

The liqueur inside, acquires the charm of the precious stone cut precisely for the reflection given by the distinct cut of the crystal, Taglio Folià, a wonderful feature of the collection.


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Beautiful and very bright Highball from the Folia Collection.

Perfect for any environment.

The whole wonderful collection represents an echo of the forest that surrounds the Saint-Louis manufacture.

It was there, that Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance found his inspiration, and decided to combine the splendor of crystal with the strength of ash wood.

Folia is a tribute to the leaves of the Moselle forest and an ode to creativity.

A contemporary vision of nature.

It is possible to increase or decrease the quantity of the selected items by writing to bazar@parentifirenze.it

Height: 14.5 cm

Diameter: 8 cm

Delivery contents: Six Highballs, 148 euro l'uno

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