Chopsticks: Christofle "Mood" For 6 Persons

For our Sushi for our modern table, to offer friends and acquaintances a special dish with special cutlery, here are the beautifully crafted, elegantly presented French silver chopsticks by Christofle.

Each table seat is made up of the Chopsticks Rest in a comfortable shape with a large, slightly hollow cushion and the two chopsticks that allow you to move our Sushi with suppleness, elegance and brightness when held in the right hand.

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Splendid workmanship, splendid object that we present as a gift and insert in the Wedding list category.

Chopsticks 85 euros

Length: 23.5cm

Chopstick holder: 52 euros

Length: 4cm

Package Contents: 6 Pairs of Chopsticks and 6 Chopstick Holders

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