Porcelain Served: Alberto Pinto "Or des Air or des Mers" 36 Plates Limoges France

The gold of the sea and the gold of the sky, reflect in harmony together, the beauty of this service that the Maison, managed by Linda and Alberto Pinto, offers in elegance, beauty and art, combining the symbolism that, the brightness of gold, joining the suppleness of the natural world, masterfully and mysteriously, creates.

On the splendid and luminous white porcelain, the black border, repeated differently, gives depth to our sight, so that through the beauty of quality and, we repeat, of art, we can live, with the imagination in the mystery of its harmonic nature. , in all aspects of life.


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In correlation it is possible to combine the specific Buffet Plates or for "Or des Air" or specific for the "Or des Mers", to transform our Table into a Table of Fish or Birds.

To have a possible complete "Or des Airs or des Mers" service, including the specific Buffet, we must add this amount to the Served itself:

We also add, as informative news, that on our Blog, in the section at the top right, it is possible to find a wide and interesting introductory study to Alberto and Linda Pinto.

Dimensions: Dinner Plate diameter 26 cm (10.2 inches)

                       Soup Plate diameter 22 cm (8.7 inches)

                       Dessert Plate diameter 21 cm (8.3 inches)

Scope of Delivery: 12 Dinner Plates, 12 Soup Plates, 12 Dessert Plates

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