Porcelain Served: Alberto Pinto "Botanique"For 12 Persons .

We present an elegant Served of outstanding quality and delicacy.

Completely hand painted, it displays a gentle flower garden to welcome with rare distinction, guests and friends


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Porcelain Served: Alberto Pinto "Botanique".

                                             A splendid hand-painted service can decorate our table, with an elegant and renewed presentation.

                           Alberto Pinto proposes the new "Botanique" collection which is made up of

12 Dinner plates with a diameter of 26 cm,

12 Soup plates with a diameter of 22 cm 

12 Dessert plates with a diameter of 21 cm.

    The beauty of Alberto Pinto's collections is found in the refined creativity of the artist who creates tables of enormous interest, almost paintings of colors and perfumes and elegance; every room from the French Maison stands out for this audacity of strength and color, almost a hymn of courage to life and its maximum realization.

Colors, shapes, quality, harmony and splendor, are combined with art, expressing courage and fascinating personality with such determination, as to transform our home and our environment into spaces of dreams and renewed mysteries.

To the Botanique service, it is possible to combine the Buffet Plates of 28.5 cm in diameter, always beautifully hand-painted with six different flowers, which we can see, observe and buy among the related products

Delivery contents: 36 plates

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