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Goblet and Tumbler: Italian "Green Crystal" Set X 24

For a joyful and smiling table, for a setting with friends in our spaces both in the light of the Sun and in our joyful winter kitchens, we present these colorful and nice Glasses made up of 12 Tumblers and 12 Goblets of the same shape of the same quality and of the same color.


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We recommend this set both in wedding lists and also as a nice gift because we all always like to have different and always new objects and also consequently dress the table with new glasses, new dishes, new cutlery, renewed and new colors.

It is possible to observe in correlation other Tumblers and Goblets of the same line and of different colors, and it is possible to purchase in smaller or larger quantities by writing to bazar@parentifirenze.it


Height: 16.5cm

Diameter: 8cm


Height: 10cm

Diameter: 8cm

Package Contents: 12 Goblets and 12 Green Tumblers

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