Bread Saucers: Baccarat "Mille Nuits" Pair Assiette 120

Splendid bread plate to be placed on the table at the top left of the plate, to place slices of bread or small bread sticks.

It is also very elegant placed on silver bread plates, to which it transmits sparkle and luminosity.

The Mille Nuits bread plate is suitable for multiple uses and each food presented on this bright crystal acquires the magical aspect of elegance and quality that the very name of the assiette conveys.

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It is possible to place the Crystal on porcelain plates, to which it helps to bring out the light and quality, as it is also possible to present it together with the other sizes of the same Mille Nuits line that Baccarat offers and which you find in the same category.

Diameter: 12cm

Box contents: 2 saucers

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