Vase: Baccarat "Eye" Oval 150 Red Small on the right

The stunning Eye vase from Baccarat has an enchanting craftsmanship, horizontal slanted cuts on the outside and vertical slanted cuts on the inside, creating a fantastic optical effect, made even more intricate in the light.


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The Eye vase maximizes the unpredictability of perception by arousing delight and surprise by striking the eye with its changes in brightness.

The layers ripple gently, creating a feeling of wavy movement.

The shimmering symmetry plays with perspectives, while the refractions of light create great depth between the various layers.

The profiles create, as if by magic, a transparent crystal cyclone that magnetically attracts you as in a vortex.

The enchanting characteristics of the Eye vase are also found on the Eye Baccarat candle holder that we can find in correlation.

Height: 15 cm

Package Contents: One Vase

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