Salt Shaker: William Yeoward basket

A nice Crystal Basket, beautifully engraved and worked, with fluted edges as if it were a small Castle or the top of a small Tower, illuminates our tables by conveying elegance, curiosity, interest and at the same time great practicality.


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It is possible to use our English crystal basket in many ways, starting from the simplest as a salt shaker, but also as a small gravy boat for sauces of particular intensity and quality, as a spice holder, for peppers of a marked selection, for aromas, for particular sugars and for anything else that requires a limited measure for an exclusive delicacy for the table and for the environment.

We recommend our basket as an expression of our thoughts, for special gifts, for wedding lists and for us and our friends as a presence of art and quality at the same time.

Height: 8cm

Package Contents: One Salt Shaker

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