Children's Cutlery: Carrs "Rattail"

A perfect gift for a beautiful baby. Three English Silver Cutlery of the Old English model, splendid in quality and size.


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Giving silver cutlery to newborn children or for some important occasion, is an expression that brings us back to the poetry of memory, of life: it is an expression that through nourishment, accompanies the child's life with quality and beauty, always wishing well-being and happiness.

the splendid quality of the trio that we present to you is truly a gift for life and it is truly an object that even as adults we can use for our particular dessert for our particular fruit is therefore an absolutely personal gift that has accompanied us from the beginning over time.

Height: 2,5 cm

Length: 20 cm

Width: 9.5 cm

Package Contents: Three Cutlery: Fork, Knife and Teaspoon for Children

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