Cavallo: Baccarat "Cheval Marengo"

A young, bright, dynamic Horse that remembers the Energy of Life, His Dynamism, His Future.

The splendid workmanship of baccarat, transmits Fluidity and Movement .

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"Marengo", Crystal Horse.

Incredibly beautiful the energy, vitality, strength, youth, spring of life that this "Marengo" horse transmits.

On June 14, 1800, Marengo was the scene of one of the bloodiest and bloodiest Napoleonic campaigns in which the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Austrian army of Melas contrasted.

The battle of Marengo is perhaps the most famous of the Napoleonic epic, it is for the political value that this victory had.

With it Bonaparte consolidated his recent power, acquired with the coup d'etat of January 18, 1799, and regained the dominion of Italy.

A providential success after the almost unsuccessful campaign in Egypt.

His success was a triumph in Paris where Napoleon was welcomed as a hero when he returned on 2 July.

The village of Marengo is of very ancient origins ...

Its name has been related to the pre-Roman population of the Liguri Marici, while the suffix-ing- suggests a Germanic origin, probably Goth.

The history of the medieval village is lost in the folds of time, the area was since the first Roman settlers a nerve center of communication and commercial exchange between Liguria and the Po Valley.

Baccarat, offering the luminous spectacle of the "Marengo" horse, takes us and transports us to the world of battle.

The strength of marengo, its ribs, its muscles, its strong position, make us easily imagine the violence and the drama of so many men and horses with them, who lost their lives in that area.

You can almost hear the neighing of the crowded horses, the smell of dust, the din of battle.

Composition: crystal

Dimensions: height 36 cm (14.2 inches), length 34 cm (13.4 inches), base width 15 cm (5.9 inches).

Delivery contents: a crystal sculpture

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