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Red Santa Claus and Child: Lladrò Santa Claus Sculpture

We present a collection of beautiful and joyful Porcelain sculptures depicting Santas in different expressions.

The first that we present is the Santa Claus who supports with happiness and love a wonderful Child who returns the same feeling with a loving smile.

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The sympathy that the new Lladrò creation expresses transports us to the magical world of Christmas through colors, love and gifts.

The splendid and luminous Porcelain conveys these values by contributing through its splendid brilliance to create a truly surprising environment in our homes.

The raised Child and the Santa Claus who supports him are considered by us to be a splendid ornament for every corner of our environment and we see him perfectly inserted as a centerpiece, as a support for books, as an ornament for fireplaces, bookcases and sofa sides .... it is so a splendid gift that carries our sympathy and our best wishes.

Height: 38 cm

Width: 13 cm

Length: 16 cm

Package Contents: One Red Santa Claus with Child

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