A mysterious freshness shines through and envelops us, transmitting sunshine, life, lightness and beauty.

The Orchid shoots wrap and embrace the Porcelains with incredible lightness, charm, mystery and femininity.

Of all Alberto Pinto's servants, we can express great admiration for the incredible expression of art and mystery and splendor that the painting itself expresses through the variation of tones and brushstrokes, so much so that the same painting acquires depth and life at the same time.

Alberto Pinto

Porcelain Served: Alberto Pinto "Histoires D'Orchidees"


ART OF THE TABLE: Alberto Pinto "Shanghai" Collection I. Exhibition

Splendid Table prepared with Art and Love and Precious Research of Quality and Harmony.

In a splendid game of Azzurri and Transparencies, like a new dress, it welcomes with Art and Joy, Friends and Acquaintances

        The Set of Plates in Limoges French Porcelain by Alberto Pinto "Shanghai"

  artistically combines the colors of blue with the color smoke,

 in a synthesis of geometric brushstrokes and floral brushstrokes,

 transforming each plate into a real picture of Modern Art.

       We exhibit it with the Robbe & Berking silver cutlery set,

with Baccarat glasses from the "Mille Nuits" and "Mosaico" line and, in a central position,

 the majestic and magical "Eye" vase that triumphs by illuminating with its splendid cut, externally horizontally and internally vertically,

 in a game of light encounters reflecting the infinity of blue.

The Servito that we propose here from Alberto Pinto's "Shanghai" Collection consisting of:

12 Buffet Plates of 29.5 cm

12 Dinner Plates of 26 cm

12 Dessert Plates of 21 cm

12 Soup Plates of 22 cm

Full service  purchasable among related products.

Alberto Pinto

Porcelain Served: Alberto Pinto "Shanghai" For 12 People-48 French Hand Painted Plates


ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland "Nuit Bleue"

TThe Freshness of the Table that we exhibit illuminates the environment with joy and beauty with its colors, its blues, its porcelain, its harmony.

A splendid Served of great brightness, modernity, charm and tradition, at the same time.

An elegant double line of blue and platinum circumscribes our splendid Limoges porcelain, creating class and elegance.

The served is recommended by us for every occasion of meeting: it is also beautiful in everyday use, as well as in setting up a table for guests.

The "Oxymore" Saint Louis goblets, designed by the master glassmakers and glass cutters of the Saint-Louis manufacture, stand out for their geometric architecture and their clean graphics, which make the line a contemporary ensemble, compatible with many decorative styles. A true contemporary classic looking at the splendid blue color full of life and brightness.

It expresses enthusiasm and elevates us to the joy of smiles and light.

Le Coppette Royal di Saint Louis, a Splendid Line that enhances the sober and decisive cut, its chiaroscuro, its brilliance, ideal for aperitifs, ice creams, fruit or anything else that can acquire freshness inside.

The light blue and blue Les Endiables Central Cup, easily foldable by Josè Levy who created a surprising combination of different French crystals from the iconic Saint-Louis collections. Therefore beautiful objects both upside down and straight.

the Artist Levy plays with the shapes and the color palette of Saint-Louis, redesigns them, turns them upside down and combines them to create unique objects:

 the glasses, the decorative objects, the candlesticks ... all creations that color our interiors by imagining new uses for them.

the Baccarat glasses, one different from the other, a game of styles and likes, a light of grace and pleasure,

The Robbe & Berking cutlery with an incredible slender line, ideal for tables that transmit the speed of the wind and air as can happen on sailboats or motorboats, on terraces exposed to sunlight and wind, in any environment that reflects their distinct and interesting shape.

All the other accessories that you find in correlation enrich and complete our Presentation.


Goblet: Saint-Louis "Oxymore" Goblets Bleu Clair 6 (central position)


Centerpiece: Saint-Louis "Les Endiables"


Glass: Saint-Louis "Oxymore" Champagne Flute Bleu Clair


Tumbler: Saint-Louis "Cosmos", 6 Blue Crystal Tumblers


Goblet: Saint-Louis "Cerdagne" Set 12 Large Size Goblets


Goblet: Saint-Louis "Cerdagne Roemer" Set 12 Light Blue Goblets



On the table we present to you there is a rich interplay of art, colors, quality and life: together in a merry carousel, the vivid colors of the French porcelain service Bestiaire of Haviland, within which nature harmonizes in the folklore show. some wonderful budgies.

The delicately flowering branches, the fresh branches on which our Budgies rest, the light gold decoration that represents the light of the Sun and the Life itself that the Sun promotes and nourishes .... everything expresses art and poetry, creativity and courage , strength and future, air, breath, life.

The shining and splendid glasses of Baccarat, luminous and intense, of an emerald green color, as the earth produces inside it, supported by the base of intense brightness, typical of Baccarat crystal, transfer and support the Life of our table, contributing in harmony to the representation of our work.

The French Budgies, always completely handcrafted by wonderful craftsmen, seem to converse amicably in our garden.

Then the porters, of pure gilded bronze, seem to really hold their camels and golden clothes, walk here and there on our table, to offer us salt, pepper, aromas and perfumes for us and our birds.

Everything lives joyfully almost in an Earthly Paradise, in lightness and serenity.

Haviland Limoges France 1842

Porcelain Set: Haviland "Bestiaire" Limoges, 48 Plates


The light of 19th century English candlesticks,

that as we can observe with interest in the side photos,

it is possible to transform from a three-light candlestick into a tall and wide five-light candlestick ...

the splendid and elegant Herend Hungarian Porcelain Serving Set, particularly conceived and modified in shades of smoky gray and bright platinum, as if it were a garden of Peonyes at night illuminated by the Moon ..,

(The romantic Peony, which owes its name to Peon, son of Asclepius, the heavenly physician of the Gods, surrounds a wonderful symbolism. For its large colorful flowers, the Chinese, for example, venerate it as a good luck charm and as an embodiment of prosperity. The latter is probably linked to the fact that for many centuries only the nobles could decorate their gardens with peonies. Also in Japan the peony is a symbol of wealth, but also of feminine beauty and long life.

In Buddhism it is synonymous with sweetness, because wherever the young Buddha set foot, peonies bloomed. And finally, peonies are synonymous with shyness. This explains the legend of a nymph. He says that nymphs are shy and prefer to hide from people under peony flowers. In French, there is even a saying for this: "Être rouge comme une pivoine" (to be red like a peony).

The Romans used it to cure many diseases. )

the "Dante" set of silver cutlery linear and perfect in the richness of the table, of solid and excellent silver,

the wonderful Lalique Tiger illuminated by the Sun, in calm Waiting, with solid paws that support a wonderful body, a splendid ornament that gives vigor to our homes,,

the Toad Lalique, magically bright and sunny enough to transform into a splendid golden prince ...

the French oil bottle, the Baccarat golden butterflies .......

The Slender and very elegant Baccarat Eve Goblets enhance and raise our exposure like a luminous Noble cloud, transporting us the scent of Good Wine, of the gentle sip of water as of Spring,

of Sparkling Champagne, Blond, Goldenly enveloping...

everything contributes to creating the harmony of hospitality, the harmony of the good in which we are inserted and from which we are as if of harmony.

A Game of Sun and Moon, a game to rise, rise and set: the sun illuminates the Moon which, with its Stars, shines with Shining Platinum in a trail of Sparks.

It is with this spirit that we try to offer you our presentations.

In possibility it is possible to observe the particular objects that have contributed to create our table.

Candelieri: Old Sheffield 3 Luci


Oliera: Ercuis "Perle"

Robbe & Berking

Cutlery Set: Robbe & Berking "Dante" 925 Silver Set for Twelve (108 Cutlery)


Tiger: Lalique Tiger Sitting Gold Luster


Served Porcelain: Herend Hungary


Here is a blue presentation, shades of blue that intertwine, harmonize, are enhanced, play to create movement, luminosity, cheerfulness.

From the French Plates to the Havilland Served, to the Tumblers and Shining Baccarat Goblets, to a Fresh Martini Glass, to two splendid 1950s British Silver Candlestick Columns signed Barker Ellis and depicting the noblest of English Art can convey, expression of a noble artistic period when the skill of the hands of the artisans created true perfections ... everything contributes to create Beauty and to represent paintings of Art, Color, Life.

The cutlery is splendid Scoff cutlery, and they contribute, almost like spring roses, to give an extra touch of that breath that for love seeks the light of the sun, and which for love nourishes its own thoughts by opening up to the search for Infinity.

Barker Ellis Silver

Candlesticks: Barker Ellis Pair of Silver Candlesticks, 1950

Table 1

Table 1

ART OF THE TABLE: Royal Crown Derby "Regency Red" I Exhibition

ART OF THE TABLE: Royal Crown Derby "Regency Red" I Exhibition.

                                                              A new exhibition, like the creation of a painting and its colors, shows the synthesis and unity of a thought that rises above the uniqueness of the particular.

The harmony of beauty and its choice enhances and surpasses the beauty of the single object, which already in its entity reflects art, beauty and symbol.

Our new table combines together our splendid Parenti-Firenze Silver Plates, the Royal Crown Derby Regency Red English Served, painted in pure gold that fascinates for the exactness and precision and sweetness of the movement of nature illuminated by the sun. , depicted on his plate ........ the Servant of Splendid Saint Louis Chalices, the Bambou Candlestick by Baccarat and the French Silver cutlery ...

And finally, the bright Baccarat Butterflies, the French Bronzes, the English Cockerels ...

All interesting objects that we can observe in correlation and admire in their specifications.

The Bone China Royal Crown Derby Regency Red served consists of 36 dishes as you see in correlation; it is possible to change the compositions by writing to


Candlestick: Baccarat Bambou two lights 1980 - 90

Royal Crown Derby

Gallo: Royal Crown Derby Gallo Imari

Royal Crown Derby

Rooster: Royal Crown Derby Rooster Imari Blu

Royal Crown Derby

Bone China Served: Royal Crown Derby "Regency Red", 36 Plates Painted in Pure Gold


Goblets: Saint-Louis "Apollo", 12 French Crystal Water Goblets (on the right)


Goblets: Saint-Louis "Apollo", 12 French Crystal Wine Glasses (in central position)


Goblet: Saint-Louis "Apollo", 12 French Crystal Champagne Glasses (on the left)


ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland "Illusion Chocolat"

ART OF THE TABLE: Haviland "Illusion Chocolat"

Illusion Chocolat

... A splendid table, of great elegance, class and beauty.

The "Illusion Chocolat" set of luminous French Porcelain, in operation since the 1950s, transforms our setting into an interesting and complete Work of Art.

           The "Illusion Chocolat" collection is characterized by a large hand-painted border of very bright dark brown almost dark brown, and by perimeter brushstrokes of satin gold, wavy with various thicknesses and even for desserts and bowls, it always has internal rays. gold.

Almost as if it had been designed by Gio Ponti.

              The Harcourt Empire Baccarat Goblets harmonize perfectly with the serving, as well as the Harcourt Doré Vase, of solid, transparent and splendid quality.

The equipment we present to you excites us precisely for its incredible charm and we hope, at the same time, that it will transport us all together to that superior level of art where the noble work of man enhances our dignity.

The Haviland porcelain "Illusion Chocolat" is made up of 36 plates as you can see in correlation; it is possible to change the compositions by writing to

ART OF THE TABLE: Royal Crown Derby "Regency Red" II Exhibition

A New Presentation of the English Served Bone China Regency Red.

Almost like a sunset in the evening, illuminated by the intense color of the setting sun, with golden rays between the fields and the flowers, between nature and our life, between the cosmos and the atmosphere, rd our snooker ... here is our new presentation with English and French goblets, antique candlesticks, old and past looks, for a renewed and courageous present.

Art and its expressions must welcome us to transmit the meaning or the search for the transmission of everything that the heart intuits without having the ability to express it.

But the look, the colors, the courage ... help us

It is with this spirit that we conceive our tables, our symphony of life, our choices

The Bone China Royal Crown Derby Regency Red served consists of 36 dishes as you see in correlation; it is possible to change the compositions by writing to

Royal Crown Derby

Bone China Served: Royal Crown Derby "Regency Red", 36 Plates Painted in Pure Gold

William Yeoward

Calice: William Yeoward "India" Calici Vino Cristallo Chiaro, Set di Dodici Calici (a Destra)

William Yeoward

Chalice: William Yeoward "India", Clear Crystal Goblet, Set of 12 Goblets (left)

William Yeoward

Goblet: William Yeoward "Flavia", Wine Goblets Set 12 (left)