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Tumbler: Parenti Golden Crystal, Last on the Right, Set of 6 Tumblers

We present 6 splendid and brilliant Italian Crystal Tumblers, worked with great charm and aesthetically splendid.

The collection is represented by the Tumbler that we show you on this occasion, by the Chalice on its left and by the Cup that you can observe.

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The wonder and attention that the Tumblers convey is given by the thickness of the Crystal and by the particular and solid cut.

It is really pleasant to hold the whole collection in your hand due to the solidity and luminosity that shines through it; ideal for transmitting joy and light to our equipment and for offering fresh drinks, liqueurs and anything else our imagination requires.

Height: 9cm

Diameter: 9.5cm

Package Contents: Set of 6 Tumblers

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