Monkey: Baccarat "Single Clair Zoo" (left)

A beautiful new monkey from the Baccarat "Zoo" decorative collection.

Designed and created by Jaime Hayon of whom we give brief information on our blog, it shines with beauty and brightness and art and ... with a lot of sympathy.

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This cute round face and these very funny little ball eyes and this wide mouth with these prominent and round ears rest on a luminous crystal body placed and supported by a porcelain bowl of the prestigious company "Lladrò"

The peculiarity of the golden interior, on which we can place chocolates, creams, and what is currently needed to present to guests, reflects an extremely bright and magical light to the crystal of the Monkey, transforming our object into a true complete work of art.

In correlation it is possible to observe the other components of the same "Zoo" collection

Height: 19.7 cm

Package Contents: 1 Zoo Monkey

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