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Giraffa in Peltro Italiano Lucido

Tall and Slender, the Big and Splendid Giraffe that we present to you, seems to observe us with its particular Muzzle, smiling and friendly.

The artist Piero Figura represents it in a truly original and artistic way, so much so that it becomes an interesting decorative object.

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Today as then, Nature is an essential part of our balance and our life.

All animals live the same dimension as us and inserted in our space and time, we share our balances together.

Great nice and smiling Art object.

Perfect as an ornament for our homes and our work spaces

Piero Figura design.

Composition: pewter

Dimensions: length 20 cm (7.9 inches), height 44 cm (17.3 inches).

Package contents: a pewter giraffe

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