Porte Baguette: Baccarat "Bambou Swing" x2

Symbol of the virtuosity of Baccarat artisans, the twisted branch of the chandeliers lands on your table as a chopstick or knife holder. A small refined detail

that will make the difference and be the perfect gift for sushi and ramen lovers, but also as simple and elegant cutlery holders

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Baccarat, Porte Baguette in French crystal, on the left, from the splendid, soft, elegant and luminous Bambou collection from the 1970s.

The Baguette Doors, translated into Italian, as supports for cutlery, enrich the table with light and elegance, reflecting that attention of marked class and elegance.

They protect the tablecloths and the surface of the tables, preventing the cutlery from resting.

Also ideal in this time of marked care for cleaning and hygiene.

Height: 1.4 cm

Length: 6 cm

Width: 1.9 cm

Weight: 100g

Delivery Contents: Two Baguette Doors

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