Cup and Saucer: Baccarat "Swing" Large Size

The fantastic cut of Baccarat's new "Swing" line illuminates our table with a special bright power.

It is a cut that creates strong and determined light and dark effects.

It is a cut that transmits solidity and tradition.

It is a cut that certainly fascinates us all.


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Baccarat's new Swing line features this cute crystal goblet. beautifully cut 14cm diameter with , together , the matching 18cm diameter saucer.

Together they elegantly lend themselves to offer aperitifs, special salads, large ice creams with fruit salads, prawn cocktails .... and how much it can be interesting at the moment.

In correlation it is possible to observe the smallest cup and saucer.

It is possible to purchase larger quantities.!


Height: 6.5cm

Diameter: 14cm

Cup price: 150 euros


Height: 1.9cm

Diameter: 18cm

Price Plate: 140 euros

Delivery contents: 1 cup and 1 plate

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