"Mille Nuits" backsplash with 3 levels in Baccarat crystal.

A Bright Elevation, Brilliant enough to represent a Magical day ... a Thousand Nuits

A central silver-plated stem supports and elevates three trays of scaled sizes to offer sweet and savory items on any occasion.

Beautiful table center, beautiful furniture object.

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"Mille Nuits" backsplash with 3 levels in Baccarat crystal.

... The backsplashes, so magical and kind, offer elegant supports to serve, offer and present, the most pleasant and delicious, it is possible to offer the guest and the friend we meet.

Exclusive accessory for particular souls and sensitivities.

Accessory of class and distinction that shines, illuminating, every space and every look.

The quality of Baccarat crystal makes every object it presents magical and wide-ranging.

Designer Mathias.

Dimensions: Height 37 cm

                    Max diameter 26 cm

Composition of the shipment: A lift.

News from the artist Mathias can be found on our blog, in the "Designers" section.

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