Candlestick: Baccarat "Faunacrystopolis" Bird Photophore

We present a truly joyful candle holder, which lives and rejoices in the light of the candle lit inside.

The brilliance of the crystal, the brilliance of its cut, makes the Baccarat Bird truly splendid.

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"Faunacrystopolis" Bird Candle Holder

  The Uccellino crystal candle holder by Jaime Hayon infuses a touch of fantasy and originality to any environment.

Splendid in its clean and modern cut, it carries the reflection of the candle, bringing to life the image of our little bird that seems to smile at us through its golden eyes.

Composition: Crystal

Dimensions: Height 8 cm

                     Width 9.4 cm

Scope of Delivery: One Crystal Candle Holder

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