Bottle: Baccarat "Dionysos", French Crystal Decanter, Design Van Day Truex

The Dionysos bottle, named after the Greek god of wine, is an extraordinary article in which to air a young wine so that it releases all its aromas.

The decanting of a young wine allows all its aromatic notes to blossom.

Furthermore, this can also be an ideal solution for an older wine that has not yet reached full maturity.


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The Dionysos bottle is not only a tool that helps the wine to develop all its qualities, but it is also a piece worked with extraordinary craftsmanship.

The minimalist silhouette resembles a transparent crystal bottle of Bordeaux.

The composure of the thin neck is elegantly transformed into the base and the cap, a perfectly round sphere in transparent Baccarat crystal, closes the elegant shape. Designed by Van Day Truex, the discreet shape easily matches any Baccarat bar and stemware set.

Height: 35 cm

Package Contents: One Bottle With Cap

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